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MoultonFag1.jpg “Hello, my name is Baby Matt Moultard. I am an international poofter who flames Usenet, and enjoys wearing diapers. I first got into diapers at the age of 12. I got very strong babyish feelings when I seen a baby and thought I wanted to be one too. I went out and bought some Pampers size 5 and wore them under my underwear because they didn't fit. At that time I thought that I was the only one in the world that wore diapers. I didn't think there would be anyone else in the world that would still be wearing diapers at the age of 12. I would really love it when the diaper commercials came on TV and I would look through the Sunday paper looking for diaper ads.”




As you can see, bois – I Obnoxious Sad Fatter clearly made a moron of myself and proved to the interwebz that I really am Baby Matt, the Moultard of Walla Wacko Wally:




File:Sad Fatter Retard Test.png



“Currently I have several gigabytes worth of adult baby video material that I've collected. I'm currently selling al-a-cart video CD's for $5 a piece (shipping is included for continental US).”






All was well in my life, committing my acts of international poofery on Usenet and the general interwebz. It all came to a halt when one lad decided not to put up with my diaper overfill and do something to make alt.2600 a far less cream poofty place to post. There was the time when I tried to set up Remote Desktop on my box. Failing at that I went into my administrator tools and screwed up the security settings to allow passwordless logons. Being the moron I am I did not realize my version of Windows XP had a default Administrator account enabled without a password. Soon after some masked and well loved Canadian kook on alt.2600 mailed a‘hum, embarrassing pictures of me (at no less then at the height of international poofery) to my parents, siblings and my manager at Walla-Walla-Mart:


Filename: BabyMatt.pdf   (1.09 MB)



Naturally I became quickly depressed, and felt the need to mail my paycheque to some internet scammer selling fake drugs. This lead to me trying to get high at work, still costing me my job because I kept failing to get doped up on fake green during working hours. Just another one of my many fails. Now I cannot pay my mortgage and my parents, now knowing my deep dark diaper secrets will not help me make my payments anymore. The bank took my home, and for the first time in almost a decade I spent the month without making a single post to Usenet. A far cry from all the useless junk I’ve been spamming hundreds of times every week for years.



FEED ME!!!Please, if you wish to help me you can donate some money to my PayPal account. Just click the little picture to the left and get your credit cards out. I am in desperate need of some new diapers, that plus something to eat would be nice. Now if only I could only find out how the heck to add a HTML hyperlink to an image. How is that done, is it even possible? I better ask Robert James for some help now!